halalMuslim consumers in Malaysia are now HALAL conscious when buying toothpaste and they have an extensive range to choose from.

When Al-Meswak Mu’min Sdn Bhd (ALMM) introduced Mu’min Halal toothpasteto the consumers in 2005, we had to overcome many challenges. There were many brands of toothpaste already available and the market was dominated by the Multi National Corporations (MNCs), but there were hardly to find toothpaste with Halal certification from JAKIM.

There are many ingredients used in the formulation of toothpaste may or may not be derived from sources of animal origin. Example: Calcium from bones and gelatin from bone marrow.

As a Muslim enterprise, it is ALMM’s duty to inform & educate all Muslim brothers and sisters of this fact AND to provide a safe alternative to all Muslim consumers.“Mencari yang Halal itu Fardhu untuk Umat Islam”.

Therefore, this is our call to duty, to ensure the availability of a safe and halal toothpaste to the Muslim consumer. It is sincere and it is from our hearts.

When the dominating brands saw Mu’min Halal toothpaste as a threat to their business, they tried many ways to kill the “Muslim challenge”. They flooded the market with continuous price discounts, launched many media campaigns and even tried to challenge us in court. ALMM endured all these challenges and managed to survive. Thank you ALLAH.

When all these tactics failed, the MNCs (with their financial & political might) had no choice but to also obtain halal certification, both from overseas based Muslim associations and (later) Jakim.

What is their reason for having Halal certification on their products? For more than 50 years in Malaysia, they had not bothered to do so. Only ONE reason: PROFITS!!!! Their reason for having halal certification is purely based on COMMERCIAL considerations.

So do you see the difference between Mu’min halal toothpaste and the other brands of halal toothpastes? We are purely because of Fardhu Kifayah.

We appeal to all Muslim brothers and sisters to continue to support us in our struggle to push for more halal products that is made with the Muslim brotherhood at heart. Sincere and Pure.


Finally I would like to express my thank you to all Al-Meswak Sdn Bhd team members who from day one worked very hard to bring Mu’min product to this level. To other bu May ALLAH bless all of you.


From the bottom of my heart….


Haji Zaihal Hazri Bin Haji Abdul Halim

CEO Al-Meswak Mu’min Sdn Bhd

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